Industrialization CS proposes penalties on Professionals.

Trade and Industrialization Cabinet Secretary Aden Mohamed has urged professional societies to impose hefty fines on members involved in corruption in order to build professional integrity.

Mohamed said professional bodies should penalize members who disregard ethical regulations.

People whose integrity brings down organizations, who make the credibility of organizations questioned should be given stern punishments for they are the ones who make our certificates lack credibility, he said adding that there is need to uphold professional credibility and professionalism at all times.

He was speaking Thursday in Nairobi during the Association Professional Societies of East Africa (APSEA) forum that aims to maintain, advance and advocate for the highest professional standards and ethics in the public interest.

Mohamed said the leadership in a corporate organization both in private and public sector in Kenya is an important aspect to look back and take stock of the achievements.

He said professional organizations should pay attention to the culture of integrity rather than strategy, stressing that culture should be regarded as a key component in any organization.

Mohamed added that he is looking forward to pushing for rules that govern the trade organizations across Africa to enable free movement of labour.

We need professionals in Kenya to be able to work across Africa. We need to get services across borders as we do goods, he said.

Speaking at the same forum, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Chief Executive Officer Halakhe Waqo said that leaders of professional associations should set the tone in public affairs.

Waqo said leaders must regard integrity as a cornerstone in governorship of the society with reference to chapter six of the constitution of Kenya 2010 on leadership and integrity.

There is need for all professional bodies to take up their responsibility to effectively regulate the ethical practices of their members as part of reducing the levels of corruption we are witnessing today, said Waqo

APSEA chairperson Mrs. Irene wanyoike, said there are concerns over integrity issues, national values and principles.

The situation is worsened by lack of cooperation, support as well as awareness by the shareholders in order to curb the integrity crisis that is being experience, Wanyoike said.

She continued Setting standards is key to integrity and promotion of values. This is part of the broader constitutional mandate, vetting professionals joining public service so that they can continue to enhance integrity.

Source: Kenya News Agency