Importance of Proper sheds for livestock

Livestock farmers in Githunguri have been advised to construct proper sheds for their animals which will keep them warm and enable them multiply in numbers.

Speaking to KNA in his office on Monday the Assistant Livestock Production Officer in Githunguri Sub-Sounty, David Njoroge said proper housing and maintenance played a vital role in the production of livestock

The officer reiterated the importance of caring for the animal’s habitation saying it helped cushion the animals from transmission of some diseases which ended up eating into the farmer’s proceeds.

He noted that the animal sheds should be well ventilated so as to prevent spread of air borne diseases which are mostly viral.

He added that the farmer should provide a secure environment that does not allow accident of animals and their appendages while in the sheds.

The officer said the structures should have a well cemented floor that can be easily cleaned at least twice per day thus animal will remain clean and dry and it will prevent them from teats infections that are caused by germs in the shed.

He pointed out that mangers should be easily moveable when refilling the feeds and water or clean them without relocating the animals.

Njoroge pointed out that the shed should be well spaced for easy movement of the animal thus should ensure it is spacious according to the number of the animals.

The farmer should repair worn out parts in the shed like the rails that can injure the animals so as to enable the animals enjoy free movement, he said.

Source: Kenya News Agency