Illegal emigrants rounded up in Central region

A total of 244 illegal aliens have so far been arrested within Central Kenya region following an order by the government.

Regional Commissioner Wilson Njega said the crackdown will continue until all who have entered the country illegally were returned to their countries of origin.

He said some of those arrested were from North Africa, China, and various parts of Central and East Africa.

We were surprised that those already in custody had even entrenched themselves in various towns and markets in the region and adopted local survival tactics to evade detection, he said.

Those arrested are being processed in police custody awaiting deportation to their countries of origin, while those who have gone underground are still being hunted down.

RC was speaking at Kagumo town in Kerugoya Central Sub-County where he destroyed 500 liters of illicit liquor and an assortment of hard drugs. He put on notice Miraa drivers from Embu for careless driving.

Now that Traffic enforcement has been devolved to the respective Counties, am urging the concerned County Commanders to ensure these dangerous drivers are tamed,Njega said.

The top regional administrator said traffic rules should be applied uniformly without appearing to favour the Miraa drivers.

He also asked the traffic police officers to ensure the Michuki rules, which some of the Matatu drivers are ignoring, were restored at once.

We have received information some Matatu operators have fixed load carriers on top of their Nissan Matatus when this was banned by the government after it emerged such loads were heavier that the passengers and made the vehicles unstable on the road leading to fatal accidents, he said.

Accompanied by the regional police commander S.M.Makau, Njega instructed those officers deployed on the roads to carry out traffic duties to ensure such vehicles floating the law were impounded and their owners charged in court.

Source: Kenya News Agency