IEBC blamed for ignoring voter education

A section of youth in Kuria East Sub County wants IEBC to carry voter training before August 8 general elections.

The youths who comprise mainly recently registered voters said they had never participated in any voting exercise and now wants the IEBC to take them through voting process to avoid spoilt votes during election.

Led by their leader Mr. Felix Mwita, the youths faulted Wafula Chebukati led commission for ignoring voter civic education which is an integral part in any election process.

The youth were worried that with only 39 days left the IEBC may not have time to carry them through election process before the actual voting date.

Mwita noted that it was the mandate of IEBC to carry voter education exercise to thousands of new youth voters who registered recently.

It is our right to fully understand the entire voting process before the actual election date. Prior voter civic education quickens voting process and makes the voter understand his rights and limitations, Mwita said.

Mwita however confirmed the partnership of IEBC and relevant civil society groups in building an informed citizenry especially during election period.

The youth who spoke at their forum in Kegonga on Thursday called on the government to allow vetted civil society groups to work with IEBC and to conduct civic education on millions of recently registered youth.

Last year during Jamhuri Day celebrations, President Uhuru Kenyatta questioned international donors who support the civil society to conduct civic education especially during election period.

Source: Kenya News Agency