ICPC accuses IEBC for bungling the elections

The International Centre for Policy and Conflict (ICPC) has said that Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) was responsible for bungling the August 8, 2017 Presidential Election.

The Centre has called on officials who bungled the election to resign as a mark of accountability and being responsible or answerable for one’s actions.

In a press statement sent to newsrooms on Monday, ICPC Executive Director, Ndun’gu Wainaina said the Supreme Court had found that serious illegalities and irregularities were committed during the presidential election.

Wainaina said it was the duty and obligation placed upon a person who holds a position of trust in society to be fully accountable for their decisions and actions.

He further claimed that IEBC officials were fully aware upfront that it was universally agreed that this General Election was critical to Kenya as a nation-state and everything humanly possible must be done to ensure free, fair and credible election.

Wainaina said the Constitution and laws of Kenya were grossly violated leading to invalidation of the presidential election which ICPC believes the violations were intentionally, deliberately and knowingly done by key IEBC officials.

These officials failed to bring honour and dignity to the public office of trust they hold. Their actions were a serious threat to the security and stability of the Country, said the Director.

He added that IEBC officials could not provide satisfactory explanation to the Court as to why such breaches happened.

He said such officials were unable or unwilling to account for their actions to the people who entrusted them with their mandate hence the need for Kenyans to exercise their right and moral duty to denounce them as anti-society.

He said the law requires that public officials be held to account, if and when they decide to undermine the rule of law as the move reduces the concept of justice to jungle law.

Source: Kenya News Agency