The International Criminal Court of Justice will now rule on Kenya’s preliminarily submissions on its jurisprudence on the maritime delimitation dispute case against Somalia after hearing sessions ended Friday.

Somalia maintains that the Court has jurisdiction to hear and determine the dispute saying the memorandum of understanding between the two parties doesn’t bar either of them from seeking alternative judicial recourse.

On the fourth and last day of the hearings, the Somalia Government reiterated its stand that the International Court of Justice should dismiss Kenya’s preliminary objections and find that the Court has jurisdiction to hear and determine the matter.

In their final submissions, the Somali government’s legal counsel told the court that Kenya failed to turn up for a final round of talks to resolve the dispute after previous meetings failed to agree on way forward.

Somalia maintains that they rushed to court after Kenya continued with its activities in the disputed area saying between 2014 and 2015 the National Oil Corporation of Kenya placed adverts requesting for expression of bids on extraction of oil in the area.

And while they acknowledged Kenya’s support in the fight against terrorism they told the court that it should not be a reason to take advantage of its resources.

Somalia now wants a full hearing accusing Kenya of trying to pro-long the case saying negotiations under the said MoU are deadlocked and that Kenya’s submissions are inconsistent with its commitment to solve the dispute once and for all.

Both countries lay claim to a triangle of water stretching over more than 100 000 square kilometres that is believed to hold oil and gas.