I will prioritize women empowerment programs, Subow

I will prioritize women empowerment programmes through the Affirmative Action Fund as well as improve the girl child education, Garisa County Women Rep. candidate on Jubilee ticket, Annab Subow has said.

Subow said that majority of women, especially those in the rural setups, had no source of income and were among the poorest because they have not been empowered.

Our women are languishing in poverty despite the government having come up with programs to empower them. I blame it on our current Women Rep. Shukran Gure, Annan said.

Her style of leadership is wanting. She is a big let-down to the people of Garissa County. We must change this on August 8, she added.

Speaking to the press after meeting more than 500 people from the Rer Mohamed Sub-clan of the Samamwadhal clan who endorsed her, Annab said that the people of Garissa have realized that they made a big mistake in electing her and that they were ready to correct it.

She also said that she would closely work with the County Government in ensuring that health care was improved in a bid to reduce the mortality rate that she said was still high.

Annab is the sole candidate from her Abduwak clan and a beneficiary of the negotiated democracy that brings together the Abduwak and Samdahal popularly known as the ‘Telamuge Alliance’.

Other beneficiaries who would be running on Jubilee tickets were the National Assembly Majority Leader and Garissa Township Member of Parliament (MP), Aden Duale, Garissa governorship aspirant, Ali Kerane and Fafi MP, Barre Shill.

Annab, who has worked both in government and in the NGO world further took issue with Shukran’s role in Parliament where she was listed by Mzalendo.com as among the MPs who contributed the least in the house, saying that the residents deserved a person who would articulate their issues better in the house.

The aspirant dismissed as cheap propaganda claims that she was not a strong candidate and that she was a mere beneficiary of the negotiated democracy.

Those saying so either don’t know my strengths or they are just expressing their disgruntlement because their preferred candidates were not picked by the elders, she said.

In Garissa, like other North Eastern counties, residents choose their leaders according to clan alignments. Candidates have been arranging their lineup to increase their chances of winning in the August polls.

The seat has attracted six candidates, Shukran Gure (incumbent), Annab Subbow, Amina Keynan, Maryan Sheikh, Ebla Sahal and Fatuma Kinsi.

Source: Kenya News Agency