I Am No Attention-Seeker – Achien’g Abura

Kenyan singing diva Achien’g Abura has denied accusations that she was seeking attention with her new song that seemingly praises US President Barack Obama.

According to the Afro-fusion and jazz singer, the song titled I Believe was inspired by “what Obama stands for in relation to the Kenyan and global situation.”

“I felt that I should just share it. I am putting it out there because I hope people will be inspired to change and draw inspiration from him moving forward. It is timeless. I could release it anytime and this is as good time as any,” she said.

Was she seeking attention with the song? “Absolutely no! As true artistes, we write because we are inspired, anytime and by many things in our world. I have no control over that and this is one such inspiration. Given the blessing of artistic expression, it is not right to hide it in a closet. Let the world know that there is light, and hope is my philosophy,” she says.

Abura is set to launch her new album Rebirth in September. She’s also working on establishing a “movement for social justice to provide a voice for the poor and disenfranchised in the society.”