Hotel workers laid off in Malindi and Watamu

A massive number of hotel workers in Malindi and Watamu are set to be laid off this week as tourism resorts close for the low season until July this year.

Many hotels especially those depending on international tourists such as the Italian market normally close business after Easter holiday to pave way for renovations ahead of the new season which starts on July.

However, some hotels will remain in operation in particular those targeting domestic market and conference tourism.

Speaking to the press yesterday in Watamu, Jacaranda beach resort Managing Director Mr. Daniele Tirito said, being the last week of flights from Europe they will be closing the hotel on Saturday and open in July.

At the same time Mr.Ravi Rohra the general manager of The One Watamu Bay resort said the resort will remain open throughout low season as they have special low season packages for domestic market.

Mr. Rohra also said his resort was targeting the local market and conference tourism to maintain the running of the facility.

Source: Kenya News Agency