Hostel love affair goes sour

A student from Kenyatta University is nursing injuries at a private hospital in Ruiru after he was stabbed twice on the chest on suspicion of having an affair with another man’s girlfriend in Kihunguro area.

Speaking to KNA at the scene early yesterday, Janet Aoko the girlfriend of the victim said she had ended her relationship with her boyfriend David Murage 2 months ago but he never gave her peace and kept on disturbing her.

She however regretted that she never took a step of reporting the intrusion of her former boyfriend to the police as she thought he was going to get tired and leave her alone.

Aoko explained that on the fateful day, the former paid her a visit as they had stayed out of communication for some months. On arrival, she said he found her new boyfriend namely Levis Mugambi at her place and hell broke loose.

She said Murage demanded to be told who the man was and Aoko responded that he was her current boyfriend as she needed to continue with her life.

She said her response angered Murage who reached for a knife from his pocket and stabbed him on the chest twice as they wrestled. She said Mugambi who was caught unaware tried to defend himself by fight back but his efforts were futile as he was overpowered by the former who stabbed him and fled from the scene. He is yet to be arrested.

Aoko recalls in tears how she wailed out loud trying to call people from around and that was when the matron Mary Wambui rushed to the hostel responded and arrived in her room.

On her arrival she found the young man lying helplessly on the floor bleeding profusely from the stab wounds while Aoko administered first aid to stop the bleeding. It was then that Mugambi was rushed to Plains View hospital and in critical condition.

The matron advised students to solve their problems amicably because violence has never been used to settle any issue. Such cases rarely happen in this hostel but people should be cautious on how to react when their feelings are hurt. They should know that it’s not the end and that they are still young to find love elsewhere

The incident was reported to the Ruiru police station and they are currently pursuing the suspect.

Source: Kenya News Agency