Hospital denies releasing raw sewer into river


A Catholic-run hospital in Murang’a county yesterday denied releasing raw sewer into a nearby river.

Church priest Rev Fr Mburu said public health officials have visited Gaichanjiru Catholic Hospital and ascertained that it did not release raw sewer into Mutoho River as claimed by residents.

He declined to answer more questions, saying the journalists should have informed him in advance of their visit.

Two people have died of cholera in Kandara constituency and 25 were recently treated at Maragua Hospital and discharged.

Hospital medical superintendent Dr Stephen Ngige said five patients who had been isolated at Muthithi dispensary in Kigumo are now out of danger.

The residents say the cholera outbreak was caused by raw sewer flowing from the hospital.

Bernard Mungai and Lucy Ng’anga said the river water is now polluted and unfit for drinking.

Moses Mwangi said the hospital deliberately directed raw sewer into the river.