Hope as needy residents get hybrid goats to fight poverty

Several destitute households in the poverty-stricken Mutha ward in Kitui South Constituency have received 20 nanny goats worth Sh 92,000 from a charitable organization to help them fight poverty.

Hope and optimism was written all over faces of the beneficiaries, Monday, as they welcomed the donation from Joysila Foundation’s fraternity led by the founder Mr. Allan Sila.

Sila said that the donation was aimed at improving the community’s living standard through enhanced food production and better incomes.

People in this area are very poor due to adverse climatic conditions which make it impossible to grow crops, leaving livestock rearing as the only viable economic activity, noted Sila.

He said the animals would reproduce with time and multiply into large herds from which the residents can raise income through livestock trade.

Goat keeping is very promising around here thanks to the vast grazing land and shrubs on which the animals can feed. That’s why we decided to donate goats to the locals since it’s better to teach people how to fish than give them a fish, he added.

Sila further noted that the Kitui-based NGO will donate more goats to other needy families to mitigate poverty in the remote parts of Kitui County.

Source: Kenya News Agency