Homosexuality Rampant in Schools – Bishop

Kakamega Catholic Diocese Bishop Joseph Obanyi has homosexuality is “becoming rampant in schools”.

He called homosexuality a worrying trend and condemned efforts to redefine marriage to include same-sex unions.

Obanyi said the position of the church on the same-sex marriage is clear.

“Marriage is a male-female union that can create a suitable environment for procreation of children,” he said.

He spoke at St Peter’s Mumias Boys’ High School on Wednesday when he toured church-sponsored institutions in Mumias.

“This is unnatural human act, a deviation of moral human conduct which should be condemned,” Obanyi said.

He said US President Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya is a development tour and has nothing to do with gays or lesbians.

His comments were the latest in a chorus of condemnation of gay rights.