Hiv/Aids prevalence on the decline in Nakuru

The HIV/Aids prevalence rate in Nakuru town has dropped from 6.2 per cent last year to 5.7 per cent this year.

However, the HIV/Aids Regional Coordinator, Kibe Ranji said the 5 per cent drop should not be celebrated because at 5.7 per cent, it means the town has between 390 to 400 thousand new infections annually.

He attributed the high infection rates in the town to child prostitution and the archaic believe that HIV/ Aids positive people can be cleansed of the disease if they engage in sex with minors.

Ranji said the far the country has come in the fight against the disease was proof that it can be minimized and even eradicated, if only the infected and the uninfected were to follow the prevention messages seriously.

He regretted that Nakuru was still among the top ten counties with the highest HIV/Aids infections.

Speaking to KNA on Thursday during an interview in his office, Ranyi said: We are concerned about the behavior of youth and especially those in college, because they do not seem to realize that having multiple partners was the same as prostitution. They equate prostitution to those who sell their bodies in bars and lodgings.”

He appealed to parents and guardians not to just rent hostels for their children without appointing a guardian for them.

Scientific research has proved that those aged 25 years and below are easily swayed by peer pressure and that is the reason they require proper supervision and guidance,” added Ranji.

However, he commended the youth in the rural parts of the county whom he said had the lowest infection prevalence.

He said Kuresoi Sub-county had the lowest HIV/Aids prevalence rate at 2.5 per cent and urged the community to continue the traditional up-bringing of their children.

Source: Kenya News Agency