Hindi Fathers Have Sexual Relations With Daughters

High cases of fathers sexually assaulting their daughters have been reported in Hindi division and its environs.

Hindi senior chief Abdalla Shahasi said many of the girls are aged between 10 and 15.

Most incidents have especially been reported in Bobo, Ndeu, Saba Saba and Roka Kibiboni.

Resident Shariffa Tiso said: “Men have made it look normal for a father to sleep with his children. As mothers and wives, we are normally torn between reporting our husbands and be part of the negative scrutiny or pouring cold water on the matter.”

“We watch our men get intimate with their children because we want to stay married.”

Residents expressed their disgust at the practice, which they said is contrary to their culture and beliefs.

Records at the Hindi chief’s office on Tuesday showed about 20 cases are reported every month.

The Star established that many such cases go unreported either by the victims or family members.

In many cases, families prefer to settle the matter out of court to avoid the shame and protect the family’s reputation.

Many women do not report cases of their daughters being raped by their fathers.