Heavy downpours render roads impassable

Residents of Ijara and Hulugho Sub-counties in Garissa County are starved of essential commodities, following massive damage to the road network due to the on-going heavy rains.

Four primary schools and Ijara mixed secondary school had also not opened by Monday as teachers are stranded in various sections along the roads leading to Ijara.

The teachers have been forced to stay in Masalani and Garissa towns due to the impassable roads.

However, Ijara Sub-county Deputy Director of Education, Barwaqo Ali said the affected schools were due to open by tomorrow as some teachers managed to go to the institutions between Tuesday and Friday.

The fare from Garissa and Masalani to Hulugho area shot to sh. 2000 for each teacher as they were compelled to to hire a suitable four wheel drive motor vehicle to drop them to their destinations.

Bus Companies, Kilas Express and Dek Express, which usually ply the routes suspended operations along the Garissa-Masalani-Ijara-Hulugho road until the rains subside.

Garissa County Government officer in charge of operations and security, Abdi Rashid Mohamed promised to visit the area to conduct a need assessment exercise together with the Kenya Red Cross officials to ascertain the nature of assistance required.

The road between Wema in Garsen and Masalani and Hulugho, remains impassable after being completely submerged by flood waters after River Tana burst its banks.

The raging waters have also destroyed crops in farmlands along the river banks.

Local residents are thus appealing to the Kenya Red Cross, the National and County governments to rush relief material, including food and non-food items as well as water purifiers to prevent them from contracting malaria and other water borne diseases.

And elders led by a former civic leader, Ahmed Abdi Maalim and Abdikadir Sheikh Hassan, called on the elected leaders to also visit their flood-prone areas and help their electorates, instead of watching their plight on television from the comfort of their posh residences in Nairobi city and Garissa town.

Source: Kenya News Agency