NAIROBI– Kenya’s Ministry of Health has launched key documents and tools that have been developed to aid in delivering performance reports detailing progress against targets in order to strengthen health sector policy dialogue processes and information-sharing to assist in solving problems in matters of health.

Speaking during the launch of the Kenya Health Forum (KHF) here Monday, Health Cabinet Secretary (Minister) Sicily Kariuki said there is a need to address major issues that have affected the provision of quality health services.

We need to pay attention to each health system building block, and identify the critical drivers that will rejuvenate our health systems to respond to the need of Kenyans, said Kariuki, who vowed to ensure change in the health sector so as to make Universal Health Coverage (UHC) for all a reality.

We are fully committed to (the United Nations’) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of ensuring healthy lives and Universal Health Coverage for all, said Kariuki

She added that the forum would bring stakeholders together to take stock of progress made and challenges ahead in addressing the health sector issues.

This forum offers an opportunity to share best practices and innovations emerging from health sector that aid in steering achievements of set goals, she added.

Meanwhile, she said, the government was expecting 100 medical specialists from Cuba to arrive soon to help improve the country’s health sector with skills. Foreign doctors from Cuba will be here for two years and assist in training the medical expatriates in all 47 counties, said Kariuki.

She also clarified that the approximately 1,000 unemployed doctors would be employed soon by the government. The Government has a proper regulatory framework to skill more health workers who will be used to treat patients in county hospitals thus reducing congestion in referral hospital, she said.