Health institutions urged to adapt technology

County governments have been urged to exploit technology to improve planning systems at the grassroots and revolutionise health sector.

A private health expert David Maina, said the health sector’s response to innovation was too slow, an aspect that has affected speed of delivery of services in county managed hospitals.

He was speaking Monday during a workshop to popularise home based care in Nakuru town.

He said the current era of technology demands for a Health Integrated System (HIS) with common procedures and an automation of data collection.

Once Health Integrated System is implemented, there will be no need for patients to be required to give their medical history and next of kin data every time they visit any hospital, since all these information will be retrieved at the click of a button,” said Maina.

He said that a centralised data access point would ease the work of health practitioners and enhance efficiency in public hospitals.

He said that apart from effectiveness, a centralised data access system will support county government planning systems.

He added that it would improve health care, since health professionals could easily know which disease affects their areas most.

He urged the governors to be pro-active in health matters instead of just complaining of lack of medical workers and equipment.

He said a centralised data access would also be of major assistance in the county surveillance structures, because the officers will track response to medicine from patients in far flung areas.

However, he said while building the HIS, the county governments should ensure that security and privacy of patients’ data was protected, so as to build trust in the system and ensure that data was not tampered with.

He added that HIS would aid the county governments in the elimination of counterfeit goods and ensure that patients were given only certified drugs.

Source: Kenya News Agency