Head teachers told to engage county security team in curbing unrests in schools

Head teachers of Secondary schools in Murang’a County have been challenged to work closely with the county security team to contain students’ unrests.

Murang’a county commissioner Mr. John Elung’ata while meeting head teachers on Saturday said he was ready to help schools’ administrations to curb demonstrations which have seen several secondary schools lose property worth millions of shillings.

Speaking at Kahuhia Girls high school, Elung’ata said there ought to be proper communication platform between his office and secondary school head teachers, adding that some indiscipline cases were beyond the teachers and should be handled by security personnel.

Cases of drug trafficking, abuse of alcohol and arson should be dealt with by the county security team as we know some indiscipline cases can pose a big challenge to teachers, noted Elung’ata.

In the meeting that was organized by County Education Officer Mr. Charles Khayira, the commissioner expressed concern over employment of unqualified old men as school watchmen.

He said elderly watchmen had not been able to provide adequate security in schools.

Employment of aged watchman will not assist in providing security in your schools apart from opening and closing of school gates. After 10pm most of the watchmen are dead asleep! Elung’ata told the teachers.

He said the security team is ready to offer basic security training to school watchmen saying that there should be proper communication between the watchmen and head teachers.

Watchmen should always be on lookout for any incident that may lead to unrest and report to relevant authorities promptly, said the commissioner.

The forum was convened to help get a solution to causes of unrest associated with second term after five schools Weithaga boys, Kangema high, Dr. Kiano Boys, Mirichu mixed and Koimbi Boys experienced student unrests.

Elung’uta said some students are colluding with Bodaboda operators to buy for them petrol which is being used to burn schools, adding that his office will arrest petrol station attendants who sell any form of fuel to school going children.

I will have a meeting with all boda boda operators and discusses such cases which are becoming common, he added.

The principals on their part expressed displeasure over the establishment of miraa sheds, video shows and pool tables near schools, saying they should be removed to avoid exposing students to drugs.

They also asked police to arrest day scholars found in market centres at night on pretext of watching football matches.

The county education officer accused the principals of being silent over errant teachers who have been causing trouble in their schools for allegedly overstaying for more than 20 years.

Some teachers who have overstayed in one school tend to feel they know more and thus they cannot be instructed; such teachers are also the ones who incite students to demonstrate, he observed.

Khayira said the heads should follow the procedure to let the authorities deal with errant teachers instead of transferring problem from one school to another.

Source: Kenya News Agency