Half of Kenyan households earn less than S0,000

Nearly half of Kenyan households earn less than S0,000 a month and their income is not growing to reflect the rising cost of living.

A survey by research firm Ipsos released on Monday shows that 46 per cent of Kenyan households are in the S0,000 or less income bracket.

Over the past year and half, as tracked in Ipsos’ last five national surveys, there has been no statistical change in the distribution of household income, said Ipsos political analyst Tom Wolf.

The latest survey was conducted in November 7-19 in 41 counties. A total of 2,058 people were interviewed.

Such a finding raises the question as to how much macro-economicGDP growth there has to be before most Kenyan households see any tangible increase in their household incomes, Mr Wolf added.

More than half of those interviewed (54 per cent) said their economic condition had worsened over the past three months, blaming it on the cost of living.

This was a 13 per cent growth over the previous survey in August.

Ipsos says that failure to pay teachers their September salaries may have contributed to the huge jump in negative sentiment.

Only 19 per cent of the respondents said their economic condition had improved.

The pollster also indicated that over a longer five-year period, a majority of Kenyans feel their lives have worsened.

Most of the respondents said the only way to remedy the slide is by creating more employment opportunities.

This places a bigger burden on the government, which has been unable to deliver the one million jobs it promised when it took power.

Other remedies mentioned are support to agriculture, water development, education improvement, reducing corruption, and improvement of roads.