Guru Nanak to hold five days prayers for peaceful elections

The Sikh Supreme Council of Kenya in collaboration with Africa temples and Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha have organized a five day prayers session to pray for a peaceful, free and fair election in August 8th this year.

National Chairman of Sikh Supreme Council of Kenya, Davinder Eari said the community wants Kenya to hold a successful election where all participants will have a fair level playing ground.

He said the prayers that will be held during the celebrations to mark the 350th Birthday of Siri Guru Gobind Singh, the faith’s tenth Guru from June 22nd to 26 at Simba Union Club will also see the organization distribute food to over 10,000 needy people in informal settlements within Nairobi.

Some of the settlements that will benefit from the food distributions include, Kibera, Lunga Lunga road, Enterprise road and Dandora.

Addressing the press on the upcoming event at Simba Union Club in Parklands, Nairobi on Monday, Davinder assured that the Guru Nanak Community will continue to support the less fortunate members of the society who have been affected by drought which has hit most parts of the country.

This will be an ongoing programme, we are targeting over 100,000 needy people by the end of the year, said Davinder.

The event that will be graced by the Guru Nanak Leader from United Kingdom, Bahi Sahils Bhai Mohindu Singh Jr. who is expected in the country on Wednesday 24th next week will also see the community hold interfaith prayers with Christians, Muslims and Hindus.

The Celebration, the first to be marked in Kenya is an event where the Guru Nanak community encompasses the values and ethos of Sikhism of accepting and respecting other religions, sharing whatever they have with the less fortunate, contemplate on the faith’s laws as well as showing that they have earned a honest living.

Present at the briefing were the Guru Nanak Region Chairperson, Jaswinder Singh Gharial and Dayinder Devgun, the Nanak Nishkam Sewa Jatha Chairperson.

Source: Kenya News Agency