Gubernatorial candidate castigates opponent

A Wajir county governorship candidate on a Third Alliance Party ticket Salah Abdi Sheikh has accused his opponent, the incumbent Ahmed Abdullahi of making disparaging remarks against his opponents.

Salah took issue with remarks allegedly made by Ahmed Abdullahi during a meeting with the Masare clan at Wajir’s Ali Maow village.

During the meeting the governor allegedly told his audience you should not waste your votes on Salah Abdi Sheikh.

Those remarks are degrading, disrespectful and demeaning, said Salah, adding that votes for the current governor which were largely drawn from a poor electorate in 2013 will this time shift to other aspirants for the county’ top seat.

The Governor should ask for votes from the people without disrespecting any bid by other candidates, said Salah, a self-declared scholar who is among six candidates eying the gubernatorial seat in the August polls.

Salah, unlike his opponents was not handpicked and endorsed by his clan elders, and is instead banking on the goodwill of the larger Wajir electorate to clinch the seat.

There are six candidates for the Governor’s seat who have been cleared by the IEBC; Yes, some have been endorsed by their clans, some due to their financial muscle, and others like me, by motivation to serve, said Salah in response to Abdullahi’s remarks.

According to Wajir County Jubilee chairman Mohamed Mohamud, Wajir’s top seat is a three horse race pitting incumbent Ahmed Abdullahi (ODM) against former Saudi envoy Mohamed Abdi(Jubilee) who was annointed by his Fai clansmen and Ahmed Muhumed (Party of Development and reforms) endorsed by the Ogaden clan.

Salah has however distanced himself from any clan alignment and has been brushing aside any attempt at pushing him to that wall.

In his response to Abdullahi’s remarks, he said the incumbent governor can dream a world where he can wish away others but that world doesn’t exist. Such arrogance will cost him many votes and respect from the people he gathered to convince.

Governor Abdullahi has been holding meetings with local clans in a bid to woo them to his side even though each clan has been receptive to all contestants further complicating matters in the political field.

Source: Kenya News Agency