Gubernatorial aspirant faults past leaders for dismal development

The Lamu gubernatorial candidate, Swaleh Imu has asked the Lamu electorate to vote in progressive leaders and resist the urge to recycle failed leaders.

Speaking in Kiunga on Sunday during a campaign tour at the Kiunga Social Hall, the Wiper Democratic Party candidate described his opponents in the race, Issa Timamy and former Lamu West MP, Fahim Twaha as political failures who have not lived up to their political promises of developing Lamu.

He stated that the two candidates who have been in power for the past twenty years have instead been amassing wealth and property to the detriment of positive socio economic progress in the county.

The two people being assumed to be the front runners for the Lamu governor’s seat are unwanted and undesirable by large chunks of voters in Lamu, for failing to live up to the hype of delivering on election promises in the recent past, Imu stated.

The governor has been insistent that the Sh. 2.6 billion annual allocation is inadequate to improve Lamu county as an economic hub yet almost half of the funds usually goes back to treasury unspent, the gubernatorial candidate stated.

He advised Kiunga voters to elect fresh and progressive leaders.

In a populist move that drew large cheers from Kiunga residents, the candidate promised to ensure that all children who qualify for university placement will receive full scholarship during their undergraduate courses under his tenure if he wins the seat.

He stated that the move is aimed at ensuring that the number of graduates in Lamu increases, saying that the county’s undergraduate numbers are still lagging behind in comparison with the rest of the country.

Source: Kenya News Agency