Group of Murang’a MCAs causes fiasco as they try to evict their Clerk

A group of Murang’a MCAs on Monday stormed the office of clerk in an effort to evict him.

The irate MCAs armed with sticks in the afternoon moved to the office of Chris Kinyanjui demanding that he quits.

Led by Deputy Speaker, Peter Kihurunjo the MCAs accused the clerk for failing to pay them enough allowances for the periods they were in Machakos for county sports.

Police officers were forced to rescue the clerk from the angry MCAs who also accused the clerk of procuring substandard sports uniforms.

The Murang’a OCPD, Johnstone Limo led a group of officers to the assembly where they managed to flush out the MCAs from clerk’s office.

Speaking after the siege, Kinyanjui said the MCAs wanted to be paid allowances of two more days on top of the amount they were paid to participate in the county games.

He noted his table was destroyed by the County Assembly representatives who also made away with some documents.

In the morning some MCAs led by deputy speaker arrived at the premises and demanded that the chambers be opened to enable them hold a special meeting, he said.

He added; At first we hesitated but later they were provided with a room where they held their meeting.

Thereafter, Kinyanjui said, the MCAs went to their cars picked sticks and proceeded to his office to evict him.

I told the MCAs that there is a procedure to remove a clerk from office but they were so bitter and were about to assault me when police intervened, said the clerk.

Other grievances raised by the MCAs are that they should be given car loans and mortgages without collateral.

The loans and mortgages must be given with collateral and that is what Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) stated, added the clerk.

He stressed that the allowances and any other form of payment should be in accordance to what is provided by the SRC circular.

Kinyanjui said together with the Assembly Speaker and relevant house committees will explore the actions to be taken against the MCAs.

The MCAs breached the code of ethics as they tried to use illegal means to evict me and necessary actions will be applied where possible, he added.

Source: Kenya News Agency