Grandmother Abandon her Grandsons

The department of Children in Narok County has launched investigations to arrest and prosecute a woman who abandoned her grandsons in Ololulunga area in Narok County.

The two, Brian Maranga 11 and Ian Nabaya 7 are pupils in Masabo Primary School in Keroka area, Kisii County. They were living with their maternal grandmother after their parents’ divorced.

Ms. Elizabeth Kasura, a social worker and a volunteer in the children’s department said the children were traveling with their grandmother from Olokruto area where the father hails from to their home in Keroka when she decided to dump them in Ololulunga.

The children explained to Ms. Kasura that their mother Ms. Christine Maranga was married in Nakuru after they separated with their father Mr. Wilson Kerorei.

She said the children will be taken to a rescue center as the investigations to arrest and prosecute the culprit continue.

Ms. Kasura lamented over increasing cases of Child abandonment despite several campaigns to sensitize residents to protect their children

She called upon parents to ensure they monitor their children in a bid to guarantee the young ones are safe.

Meanwhile, Narok County Children Director Fred Simi has asked desperate parents who cannot bring up their children responsibly as expected to seek advice from his office.

Simi said the parents could be helped in various ways like being given intensive counseling on parenting as well as advice on how to begin small businesses and raise income, free of charge.

He said the children acts provide provisions of people who are proven that they are unable to take care of their children completely hence there was no need of abandoning children as experienced in the recent past.

“It is not wise to abandon your children because you can’t take care of them; I encourage such residents to come and share their challenges with the officers in my office so that we can see the way out,” he said.

Simi observed cases of child negligence were on increase in the county and the parents or guardians leave the minors in dangerous places posing a big risk to the innocent children.

By Ann Salaton