Governorship aspirant accuses rival of using county staff in campaigns

Kwale ODM gubernatorial aspirant, Dr. Issa Chipera has protested alleged involvement of county government officials in political campaigns by his Jubilee opponent.

Dr. Chipera claimed that his campaign rallies were being interfered with by some unscrupulous sub-county and ward administrators sympathetic to incumbent governor Salim Mvurya.

Some administrators are staunch supporters of my rival and they have on various occasions disrupted my campaigns and this must stop as it contravenes the electoral laws, he claimed at a county peace forum in Matuga on Wednesday.

Dr. Chipera said that the administrators were not only openly campaigning for the governor but were also interfering with other candidates’ campaigns by telling supporters not to attend their rallies.

Some of the county workers are undermining peace by issuing threats to our supporters for attending our rallies at places our opponent has branded as his strongholds, he claimed.

The aspirant also accused Mvurya supporters of using social media to abuse his opponents, saying it might lead to conflicts.

Social media sites are full of insults directed at us. There is need for us leaders to control our supporters on this platform since no one will tolerate being slighted by another person’s followers, he noted.

He called upon the security agencies to keenly look into the issue and take action, warning that if not addressed it might compromise peace in the region.

As leaders we should talk to our followers and enlighten them on the need to respect one another and agree to listen to divergent views without fighting if peace is to prevail in this county, he said.

However, County Lands Executive, Ali Mafimbo who was representing the governor at the forum absolved the latter from blame, saying he had not issued any order to county officials to meddle in the affairs of his rivals.

We are all peace monitors and if there is any interference at rallies then we should be able to give out concrete evidence for action to be taken, he said.

Deputy County Commissioner, Mwangi Kahiro called for peaceful co-existence in the county and urged politicians to practice responsible politics.

He asked all candidates who feel their rights had been violated by their rivals to take up such cases with the authorities for action.

Elections rules should be followed strictly to ensure peaceful elections. All of us are required to stop any threats to peace by reporting such incidents for action, Kahiro said.

Source: Kenya News Agency