Governors Oppose State Tender Bid

The Council of Governors has opposed the proposed central supplier portal that seeks to centralise tendering of good and services.

The government is proposing to bring all procurements under one agency to be accessible from a central point.

CoG chairman Peter Munya yesterday said: “The portal will erode and offend the objects of devolution on ensuring equatable sharing of national and local resources throughout Kenya.”

Munya said the centralisation will deny local communities opportunities to grow economically, with rich investors likely to win the tenders in counties.

“Procurement of goods and services for county operations should be localised as this allows for the participation of county residents and eventually promotes economic and social growth of the counties,” he said in a press conference in Nairobi.

The governors read a riot act to the Commission on Revenue Allocation for convening trainings for officers to roll out the planned e-procurement.

The governors also trashed the Auditor General’s report that says Sh66.7 billion has been misappropriated in 17 ministries, counties and state departments.