Governor wants Kenya Power monopoly broken

Kenya Power monopoly should be broken and county governments allowed generating their own power in order to cut down the current high cost of production.

The Kisumu Governor, Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o at the same time blamed the electricity company for persistent power outages which has seriously hampered industrial production, making it difficult for firms to flourish.

The Governor made the remarks at a Kisumu hotel on Wednesday during the annual general meeting for the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) convened to give members of the public an opportunity to share with its official’s business matters.

Nyong’o advised fishermen to abandon the use of old and dilapidated canoes and not to venture into the deep sections of Lake Victoria, while on fishing expeditions as this only endangered their lives.

He instead called for adoption of the modern fiber glass boats which the county government plans to introduce in collaboration with other partners, as the first step towards introducing fish caging. This requires that you move with times and embrace technological advancement, he advised.

The governor also warned car washers operating along Lake Victoria beaches to stop their activities immediately failure to which they will be arrested and prosecuted for polluting the fresh water lake.

According to Nyong’o, while trying to deal with rising levels of pollution in the lake, they must also deal firmly with those who have adopted illegal fishing gears to catch fingerlings, while equating the culprits to child molesters in the society.

On the much touted privatization of public owned sugar mills, Nyong’o insisted that farmers must first be guaranteed steady prices and respective companies given more time to stabilize financially to be able to fetch reasonable prices.

He said the hurry with which some players have taken the privatization process could be attributed to the myriad of challenges bedeviling the sugar sector leading to the collapse of some mills like Miwani which is under receivership.

The Governor decried the poor state of roads in the sugar belt and called for close collaboration between the county, national government and other partners to turn around the dilapidated infrastructure and reduce cost of production for the farmers.

Nyong’o revealed that they had already formed the Kisumu Road maintenance team which will spearhead this venture, but was quick to add that they were still open to discussions on how best to improve poor road networks and other forms of transport in the lakeside county.

Source: Kenya News Agency