Governor Waititu will not retreat in the fight against alcoholism

Kiambu County Government will in the next 3 months train about 6,000 people who have been rehabilitated from alcoholism and are on the path to full recovery.

Governor Ferdinand Waititu made these remarks today when he led the residents in celebrating 55 years of Madaraka day celebrations at the Ndumberi stadium. He promised that between June and September 2018, those on the rehabilitation programme would be trained in their preferred courses so that they would can generate more money and even invest in mega projects.

He further reiterated that his fight against alcoholism shall not be distracted by a few people who have been demeaning his rehabilitation of alcoholics’ efforts. These are the people who voted us into office and we shall not sit back and watch them soil their lives.

Mr. Waititu while addressing the fully packed Ndumberi stadium told off the clique of people he referred to as selfish to initiate their own programmes for the residents of Kiambu and stop criticizing his programme of rehabilitation.

The governor told the gathering that the electorate of Kiambu voted for specific leaders who should be accountable for the money given to them to improve the lives of the people of Kiambu. They have a budget and can utilize it on their preferred program.

Everyone has been given money in their docket to work for the residents and for this reason, if they do not support me in this fight of rehabilitation, they can initiate their own programmes he said.

The governor further warned business fraternity that his government shall not sit back and watch them as they engaged in ventures that will destroy people’s lives. My government shall not allow wines and spirits in the villages. If anyone intends to drink, let them do that between 5.00p.m and 11.00p.m but not earlier or later when the families are waiting for them to take home money for food he said.

He further cautioned that his government shall not encourage people who were irresponsible in the family setup. Young people should remain sober so that they are able to take care of their ageing parents and their own young families for posterity.

While calling on the other leadership in the county to support him in his efforts, the governor thanked the County commissioner of Kiambu Mr. Wilson Wanyanga and his security team for their support. He further encouraged them not to relent in their efforts as the county government was in support of bringing forth a sober nation which will be capable of taking the nation to the next level.

The governor said parents in Kiambu were now a happy lot as their children had reformed and were ready to engage in meaningful activities. These should be supported by other leaders who should augment instead of criticizing for no apparent reason. Time for politics is over and now we should focus in the future of our Nation for sustainability he said.

During the celebrations, former Mau freedom fighter Gitu Wa Kahengeri also lauded the governor for his efforts and called on other leaders to support him.Conspicously absent during the celebrations were Kiambu Senator Kimani Wa Matangi and Women representative Gathoni Wa Muchomba whose seats were unoccupied.

WA Muchomba recently demeaned the rehabilitation programme saying it was exposing them to drinking more as they only worked until noon whenever they were engaged in the community service labour.

Source: Kenya News Agency