Governor Waiguru lambasted

Controversial Mwea settlement scheme dispute has taken a political dimension with Embu leaders censuring Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru for insinuating that the land in question is the preserve of her county.

In a strongly worded rejoinder, the leaders led by Senator Njeru Ndwiga lambasted Waiguru for wading into the land matters that she has little knowledge about.

They told her to stop aggravating the already fluid and emotive situation by unfortunate utterances and instead seek to address her misgivings through right channels.

The Senator advised the Governor to tread carefully.

Let her trace the historical background to understand which scheme between Mwea settlement scheme and Ngariama belongs to who, he said.

Ndwiga recalled that at independence when Kirinyaga was hived off from Embu County, it was resolved that Kirinyaga retains Ngariama settlement scheme, while Mwea falls under the jurisdiction of Embu County.

Mwea scheme is therefore rightfully, politically and historically within Embu, he asserted.

The newly introduced political angle comes quick in the wake of last week’s assertions by Governor Waiguru that Mwea scheme, already demarcated by Embu administration belongs to Kirinyaga.

This is also coming up at a time when serious flare-ups have emerged within the scheme over the manner in which the demarcation exercise had been conducted.

On Friday, at least seven people, including former District Commissioner Ireri Ndon’gon’gi were seriously injured when squatters at the scheme resisted attempts by perceived beneficiaries to secure their plots.

Sunday, Embu political leaders among them MCAs condemned the flare-ups and Waiguru’s assertions and called for sobriety in addressing emerging grievances.

Let those who have been allocated hundreds of acres surrender part of them to squatters who have been left out, insisted Minority leader Lenny Muriuki, during a thanks giving service in honour of assembly speaker Josiah Thiriku at Njarange ACK Church in Ishiara.

Meanwhile Ndon’gon’gi has been evacuated from Embu Level 5 Hospital to a Nairobi hospital for specialized treatment.

Source: Kenya News Agency