Governor sets task force to deal with health sector

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has appointed former Egerton University Vice Chancellor Prof. James Tuitoek to chair a six member task force constituted to review the countys ailing health sector.

The task force is expected to embark on the month long assignment for progressive reforms in the sector from this Friday by visiting the over 3,000 health facilities in the County.

The Governor said the overarching objective of the task force is to look into grievances associated with the contentious remuneration structure of health workers, their working conditions and scheme of service.

Addressing a news conference in his office the Governor said his government was keen on kick starting amicable negotiations with health workers in a bid to revitalize the public health service which he described as being on the verge of collapse.

It was a busy start for Governor Kinyanjui on his first day in office Monday as he made sweeping changes in key dockets.

Among the changes was sending the County Secretary Joseph Motari, senior finance and procurement officers as well as the Countys 11 Sub-county Administrators, their deputies and 55 ward administrators on compulsory leave.

The Governor cautioned the Countys Public Service Board and prospective employees to the county Government against engaging in corruption.

Kinyanjui warned that no corrupt dealings will slip under his governments rudder.

He said his Government will develop a staff rationalization exercise aimed at redeploying the countys staff to help eliminate the existing skill deficit in the Countys public service.

Kinyanjui said a biometric aided head count will run alongside the staff rationalization drive to weed out any ghost workers flagged by the first County Assembly in 2016.

Amid the growing unease among the countys bloated workforce, the governor reassured all the staff of a morale building government for diligent employees in a move aimed at spurring result based performance in the broad quest of driving his vision for development to the Countys 2 million citizens.

Source: Kenya News Agency