Governor cancels game park lease

The Isiolo Governor, Dr. Mohamed Kuti has cancelled the leasing of two game parks to a private firm for 25 years granted by the previous administration.

He accused the administration for failing to consult the residents when leasing the buffalo and Shaba game parks to African Park (AP) to manage them.

The governor said any leasing of public property is supposed to follow the right channel, adding the parks had some years back raised adequate revenue for the county and sponsored many children’s education from the proceeds.

In our case the previous County administration did not involve the local people and other stakeholders in the process of leasing the parks. That is the reason why we are cancelling the lease and bring about other options that can be more profitable to our people, the governor said.

He said that his administration would fire corrupt rangers and conduct refresher courses for them in a bid to improve security and service delivery for the same parks so as to reclaim their lost glory.

We are going to advertise aggressively through all media channels so as to attract local and foreign tourists to the area, Kuti said.

He added that Isiolo parks were the second revenue collectors after Narok in 1970-to early 1990.

The governor further said all rangers in Isiolo County would be taken to Manyani KWS Training College and those with corrupt cases would be fired.

He said his government would dispatch three teams to collect public views in order to draft a five-year County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) focusing on projects prioritized by the locals.

He said many of the previous projects were done without involving the local people who are the beneficiaries.

Kuti added that the projects failed to take off because officers were planning them from the office and awarded tenders to their relatives with intension of getting kick-backs.

He said apart from CIDP his government would strictly assess the development plans every year so as to ensure all departments are kept on toes.

Source: Kenya News Agency