Government working on streets and property naming and numbering

The government is in the process of finalizing standards for naming, numbering and coding streets and properties for easy identification in a bid to spur growth of e-commerce and service delivery.

Physical identification and location of streets, dwellings and properties, according to National Addressing System Steering Committee member, Martin Ngesa, will go a long way in boosting e-commerce, which has been identified as a high potential growth driver for the economy.

Ngesa said smooth delivery of goods and uptake of e-commerce has been slowed down by uncoordinated naming of streets and properties that has resulted in names duplication leading to conflict of location.

He said the new development would also act as a catalyst for the growth of logistics providers as courier firms will be able to deliver cargo within specified timelines thus saving time and cutting on cost of doing business.

Besides doing business, Ngesa who spoke in Nyeri on Friday, during a public hearing on the draft standards, said the system that will identify streets and properties with distinct digital codes, will also assist in quick emergency response.

The Postal Corporation of Kenya Manager, Eric Lang’at said establishment of formal addresses of locations would give impetus to their courier services, as they will easily be able to deliver shipments to clients’ doorsteps.

With every home and property numbered and location identified, we will be able to make deliveries with ease without our clients having to visit our offices, Lang’at said.

He said presently, they are not in a position to make home deliveries as the current addresses are sometimes not accurate or traceable.

According to the Steering Committee, the new addressing system is expected to be rolled out in five years time due to logistical issues involved.

Source: Kenya News Agency