Government urged to release funds for feeding program

The National Drought Management Authority in Laikipia County wants the national government to release funds for the school feeding programs to facilitate learning in the area.

NDMA Coordinator Henry Mustafa expressed concern that the government had not issued the funds since last term.

Mustafa who was speaking to the press in his office said the funds were critical in sustaining learners in 110 schools in drought stricken areas.

The funds will help in sustaining the learners in 110 schools benefitting from the program, especially those schools in drought stricken areas as the drought persists, Mustafa observed.

On effect of the prevailing dry spell, Mustafa observed that the drought has affected livestock in the region, leading to deprivation of grass.

We expected the onset of rains in the month of March, however the rains delayed until April and was short lived, hence regeneration of pasture was poor, he added.

He noted that poor rains in the county and neighboring counties of Baringo and Samburu have led to migration of herders into Laikipia, leading to invasion of private ranches, hence fueling conflicts and insecurity.

Though the county has experienced erratic rains in the month of August, there is still a problem of pasture. However the level of water in dams and rivers has increased, noted the coordinator.

According to him, Baringo and Samburu counties received substantial amount of rainfall in the month of August and that some herders had gone back.

He was optimistic that peace will prevail once the remaining herders return back to their counties.

Mustafa appreciated the ongoing operation to flush out the invaders, but asked that the operation should be conducted within the parameters of law.

Source: Kenya News Agency