Government to undertake informal sector skill survey

The World Bank in conjunction with the national government will carry out an informal sector skills and occupation survey in West Pokot County.

The survey to be carried out by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection will be funded under the Kenya Youth Empowerment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP).

Speaking on Wednesday at the County Commissioner’s office during the sensitisation sessions, AngellaMbaya, Chief Human Resource Planning and Development Officer in the Labour Ministry, said the exercise will be carried out within specific sub counties, divisions and locations.

Mbaya said the survey is aimed at increasing employment and earning opportunities for targeted youth, saying the KYEOP has four components targeting various aspects of youth empowerment.

She said the four components aim at addressing the skills mismatch by engaging training providers, respond to the need for job creation, plans to improve access to and the quality of labour market information and also provides support for strengthening youth policy development.

George Nyakundi, Head of Communication in the Ministry said a survey carried out by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) indicated that the informal sector employs over 14 million people which contributes to 83.4% of the total employment within the Kenyan economy

Nyakundi said the sector created a total of 787,000 jobs last year, saying the government and other players are ready to assist the informal sector either by providing capital or better skills through training.

He said the survey is carried out to identify the skills and occupational prevalence in the sector, saying it will also establish the skills that the employers and employees lack for optimal performance of the enterprises.

‘The survey will assist the government to establish various factors and challenges faced by the sector and at the same time identify apprenticeship opportunities in the sector’, said Nyakundi.

He said the survey will be carried out by the Ministry assisted by KNBS between September and December this year in all 47 counties.

‘Survey personnel will gather data from selected businesses and households. In the next two weeks enumerators will list all households in that enumerating area and will take 20 days and after that the enumeration exercise will commence and will take another 45 days’, said Nyakundi.

The area county commissioners Apollo Okello called on the chiefs and their assistants to ensure that enough support is given to the exercise and ensure that accurate information is given out.

Okello said the accurate information given out will enable the government to provide the accurate interventions to the sector.

‘What is required from you chiefs is to give enough publicity to the exercise and ensure that the correct information is given out to wananchi about the exercise. Give accurate information’, said the county commissioner.

Source: Kenya News Agency