Government supports residents with animal feeds

The National Drought Monitoring Authority (NDMA) and department of livestock on Tuesday distributed animal feeds to drought stricken farmers in Ijara and Hulugho sub counties of Garissa County.

Chairing a famine relief committee meeting, the Masalani Deputy County Commissioner, John Kariuki said the feeds included 1120 of 50kg pellets and 100 cartons of salt lick meant for the weak livestock to cushion farmers against drought that had ravaged the area.

Kariuki said the government dispatched the feeds through NDMA as a resilience measure to livestock farmers. The animal’s feeds will be distributed in Hulugho and Ijara sub counties in Garissa County.

Livestock Officer, Dan Wanyonyi said the feeds will be distributed by assistant county commissioners (DOs) with the help of chiefs who know the livestock farmers affected by the drought.

He noted the pellets will feed livestock like goats and cattle not exceeding half a kilo because of its nutrition value. He advised farmers not to over feed the livestock as it might affect them health wise.

The meeting was attended by district Livestock marketing council (DLMC) representative, Aden Ismail, peace elders, Ali Omar and Bashir Dahir among others.

Source: Kenya News Agency