Government spends close to sh.30m annually on Alego /Usonga orphans

The National government spends close to Sh. 30 million, annually to support Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in Alego / Usonga constituency, Siaya Sub-County Children’s Officer, Beatrice Auma Oguda has said.

Oguda said that the support, through the OVC cash transfer programme benefits 1,229 households scattered across all the 10 locations in the Sub-County.

Speaking during the Sub-County Area Advisory Council (AAC) meeting, the officer said that the government releases Sh. 4,907,000 after every two months to the care givers living with the orphans.

The Central Alego location and Siaya Township, she said, are the largest beneficiaries of the programme, receiving Sh. 1.5 million and Sh. 1,492,000 bi- monthly, respectively.

The locations that receive the least amount, according to the officer, are East Alego and South Central Alego that gets Sh. 44,000 and 46,000 every two months respectively.

The government spends Sh. 29,442,000 annually to support the OVCs she said, adding that a further Shs. 663,570 was released under the presidential bursary to assist Orphans and vulnerable children in public boarding secondary schools in Alego / Usonga.

Addressing the occasion, Karemo Assistant County Commissioner (ACC), Hassan Mohammed said the government was committed towards ensuring that all children are accorded the necessary support to grow and become responsible citizens.

Mohammed however, lamented that most education institutions in the area are not disability friendly. He said the institutions should provide ramps to enable those living with disability to access the buildings with ease.

The ACC called on the locals to become champions of children’s rights and help the government deal with those who take advantage of them.

Source: Kenya News Agency