Government releases list of 35 Shabaab recruits in Mandera

The government has a list of 35 individuals from Mandera County recruited by the Al Shabaab to aid the Somali based terror group in carrying out attacks in the country.

North Eastern regional commissioner Mohamud Saleh said the individuals were well known to the locals since they have raised their families in Kenya.

Addressing the press after chairing a peace committee meeting that brought together elders from six sub counties of Mandera Tuesday, Saleh said unless leaders from the area were ready to expose and condemn the group, the war against terrorism would never be won.

We cannot pretend that we don’t know where the problem is. The Al Shabaab menace is being fueled by our own youth. Even if we blame it on Somalia, the ring leaders are our youth. I have the names of the youth who have been recruited by the terror group. They cross over annually to visit their families and nobody reports to the authorities, said Saleh.

We must be honest with ourselves here. Unless you leaders come out and take the lead in restoring and maintaining security in Mandera, then the region will never recover from insecurity, Saleh added.

He said it was a pity the region has spent most of its time and resources since independence to fight the infamous secession Shifta war, later the clan based banditry infighting and now the Al Shabaab menace.

He said the region could not be calling and using resources on security meetings and asked leaders to start asking themselves some hard questions before everyone perished.

Saleh was on a regional tour in Mandera and Wajir counties to acquaint himself with emerging challenging in the fight against terrorism. He was accompanied by the regional security team among them the Senior Assistant Inspector General Omar Shurie and the Kenya Police Service Regional Commander Edward Mwamburi.

Source: Kenya News Agency