Government plans to streamline wines and spirits business in Marsabit County

The government has warned operators of wines and spirits businesses in Marsabit County that they risked cancellation of their licenses for failure to adhere to the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act.

The County commissioner (CC), Gilbert Kitiyo said some operators have failed to adhere to the ‘Mututho laws as they were opening and selling the alcoholic drinks outside stipulated times.

Kitiyo said that his office was collaborating with the county government in inspecting and revoking licenses of shops that are known to contravene the law.

We are not only protecting the health of those who consume alcohol but want to ensure that men and women of this county engage in productive work and not to spend useful time in alcoholic dens, he said.

The CC said in his office that the pursuit would also focus on establishing if the operators operated on genuine or fake licenses.

He warned the traders against opening their premises and selling alcoholic drinks before the legal hours as those found would be arrested and prosecuted.

The CC who on Madaraka day directed chiefs and their assistants to ensure that illicit alcoholic drinks were eliminated as well as make sure that the regulations were followed to the letter said the Mututho law would be enforced fully.

As government we will make sure that the law achieves what it was brought in to do even before we embark on revoking the licenses across the county, said the county commissioner.

Mr Kitiyo appealed to the residents and especially the youth to embrace the virtue of hard work to shun irresponsible drinking of alcohol in order to create income and improve on their standards of living.

Source: Kenya News Agency