Government officers move to tame child labour

Trans Nzoia County labour office is conducting a joint inspection with the children’s’ department to root out rampant child labour in the region.

Speaking to KNA in Kitale town, County Labour Officer Mr. George Tsimuli said cases of child labour were set to rise during this harvest season as parents subject their children to working on maize farms to financially support their families.

We experience hard times during this season as most parents subject their children to casual labour to increase their earnings, he said.

Tsimuli added that the most affected areas are those near Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) farms, in Kiminini and in areas where there are large tracts of land.

The labour officer also noted that boys were normally subjected to menial jobs such as milk boys and herders as girls were left to work as maids and babysitters in richer families.

He said that the rise in cases of child labour is normally experienced during the planting and harvesting periods in rural areas in Trans Nzoia.

Tsimuli, however, said that street children were also affected as they were lured to load and offload goods from vehicles in markets within Kitale town.

The labour officer expressed concern that most of them were paid little monies by those who engaged them in perennial jobs.

He said that the children engage in labour due to poverty in their homes to eke out a living for themselves and their families.

He pointed out that the problem has led to an increase in truancy and in some cases dropout.

Source: Kenya News Agency