Government not doing much to assist drought victim, MP

The Lagdera MP, Mohamed Shidiye claims that the national government is not doing much to assist drought victims in his constituency.

Shidiye said that the government is aware that there are sub-counties in Lagdera that did not receive enough rains and that drought victims were still in need of relief supplies.

Speaking to KNA on phone from Dertu on Monday, after meeting families from Dadaab fleeing the drought, Shidiye said the government had slowed down its programmes of providing relief supplies to drought victims in the area following recent rains.

Shidiye said that the short rains witnessed in the region were confined to a few sub-counties but there were those that received very little or none at all.

It seems the government and other aid agencies either completely stopped or scaled down their operations with the assumption that our people were okay because of the rains. In reality, that is not the case, he said.

If anything, this is the time we need more help because we are observing the Ramadhan. Herders are moving far and wide in search of pasture for our animals. At the same time, they need food to break the fast which is not enough and in some instances, not there at all, he added.

The MP challenged the government to resume water trucking and relief aid supplies in the worst affected areas.

The government seems pre-occupied with the campaigns and has forgotten its citizens suffering from the effects of the drought, Shidiye said.

Garissa County National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) Coordinator, Abdinoor Dubow is on record, saying that ‘the rains should not create the impression that the area is now off the hook’.

He said NDMA was still undertaking water trucking in Lagdera, Hulugho and parts of Dadaab that did not receive enough rains.

Source: Kenya News Agency