Government launches sanitary towels program in Murang’a County

The government has launched sanitary towels distribution program for schoolgirls in Murang’a County.

According to the County Commissioner (CC), John Elung’ata, his office has been appointed by the government official to be in charge of the program at the county level.

He said a committee chaired by his office was on Tuesday inaugurated to oversee the implementation of the program.

The committee is composed of heads of various government departments among them the County Social Services and Gender Officer, The County Director of Education and the County Director for Children’s Services.

While addressing the committee, the CC noted that lack of sanitary towels was adversely affecting education among girls as well as their self-esteem.

Elung’ata said that girls who hailed from poverty stricken areas of the county were the most affected, and hence continued performing poorly in their studies.

He said the move by the government to issue the towels is a huge step in restoring the dignity of the girl child.

The initiative will also reduce absenteeism from school since the girls will be able to attend school throughout the month, Elung’ata noted.

He said the sanitary towel distribution will be determined by the number of beneficiaries per school as given by the ministry of education.

He added that safe storage will be established in various sub county headquarters from where the schools’ management will receive them.

At the same time, the CC called on well wishers to donate sanitary towels to schools through the established government structures to ensure that the various intervention measures are well coordinated and are sustainable.

He also urged learning institutions to ensure that they have proper disposal systems such as incinerators to ensure that the sanitary pads are properly disposed off.

The Department of Gender Affairs is in the process of procuring the pads, which are supposed to be distributed to schools to cover for the period between January and June 2018.

The implementation structure of the National Schools Sanitary Towels program runs from the national steering committee down to the school/institution implementation committee.

For accountability in the distribution process, each girl who receives the pads is supposed to sign for the number of pads received, while a sub county inspection committee chaired by a deputy county commissioner is supposed to certify that the pads are supplied to the beneficiaries accordingly.

A week ago, the CC led the county security team in distributing sanitary pads donated by a philanthropist to girls in Gituri primary school, in Kiharu Sub County.

70 girls from the school benefited from a year’s supply of sanitary pads.

Source: Kenya News Agency