Government issues title deeds to Marsabit residents after years of waiting

Residents of Marsabit had a reason to celebrate on Wednesday after the government issued them with title deeds for their parcels of land.

During the event the Ministry of Lands Principal Secretary (PS), Mariamu El Maawy also announced the setting up of a land registration centre in Marsabit county following gazettement by the National Land Commission.

Ms El Mwaay presided over the issuance of 1,650 title deeds at the Marsabit stadium after completion of adjudication and survey work in Jirme location.

The PS said land grabbing will not be tolerated by the government.

She promised that a Land Registrar will soon be posted to Marsabit to hasten the processing and issuance of title deeds to the local people.

The exercise which started twelve years ago was fast-tracked by the government as part of its plan to issue 3 million title deeds to Kenyans across the country by the end of next year.

El Maawy commended the county government of Marsabit for co-operating and supporting the empowerment of its residents to acquire land ownership documents and asked other counties to emulate the move.

She announced that land adjudication was going on in other parts of the county that include Badasa, HulaHula, Karare and Laisamis.

The PS said the government would not hesitate to revoke title deeds for pieces of land grabbed from the public.

In his remarks Marsabit governor, Ukur Yatani urged the government to speed up the operationalization of the land registration centre to enable the county to print genuine title deeds in Marsabit.

The governor noted that local residents will save time and resources spent looking for the crucial documents in Isiolo.

Yatani advised those issued with the title deeds to use them as collateral to secure loans in order to improve their economic status.

By Sebastian Miriti

Source: KNA