Government issues over 100, 000 land title deeds in Mwingi Central Sub-County

The Government has issued over 100, 000 land title deeds since 2016 to residents of Mwingi Central Sub-County to avert spiraling cases of land grabbing.

Speaking to Kenya News Agency in Mwingi on Friday, area Land Registrar, John Kanua said that cases of land disputes would be a thing of the past following the issuance of the land titles.

Kanua noted that the land documents would be used to arbitrate land disputes that has dogged the locals for several years due to lack of titles to ascertain the rightful owners of a contested piece of land.

We do not need institutional memory carried by the elderly to settle land disputes. This title deed will help you to reclaim or claim what is rightful yours as enshrined in the Constitution, said the Land Registrar.

He urged the residents whose land has not been demarcated to hasten the process in conjunction with the Ministry of Lands to avoid land grabbing cases.

To avoid a back log of title deeds lying idle in our office, we have devolved our services. We organize mobile registry tours across the villages in the Sub-County and deliver the titles directly to wananchi through area chief’s barazas, added Kanua.

The Land Registrar said that the government had waived all charges for first land registration but for sub-divisions and further use of land through sale will attract stamp duty payable to the government.

The notion that title issuance is free for second registration, transfer of title and other uses is far-fetched adding that such transactions will attract a fee in accordance with government regulations, said that Kanua.

He called on area chiefs to sensitize the locals about the issuance of title deeds and called on wananchi who had applied for the crucial documents to collect them.

Those whose land have not been demarcated should take up this opportunity of title waiver by the government to be registered and subsequently receive their titles, he added.

Source: Kenya News Agency