Government has disbursed over Kshs.1 trillion to the counties

The National government has so far disbursed over Kshs.1 trillion to the county governments in the past five years the outgoing Devolution Cabinet Secretary (CS), Mwangi Kiunjuri has confirmed.

Kiunjuri who is moving to the Agriculture Ministry while handing over to the incoming Devolution CS, Eugene Wamalwa on Monday said that the government is disbursing over 30 percent of the national budget to the counties in efforts to spur growth and development at the grassroots.

In the financial year 2013/14 we disbursed Kshs.210 billion to the counties, in 2014/15 it was 226 billion, in 2015/16 it was Kshs.287 billion, in 2016/17 it was 302 billion and in 2017/18 we disbursed Kshs.327 billion to the counties, he explained.

Kiunjuri said that all functions assigned by the constitution to the counties have been transferred and counties are fully operational and are now mandated to deal with local developments.

The counties have received all the financial resources to carry out their functions with a total of over Kshs.1 trillion being disbursed to the counties, we have surpassed the 15 percent envisaged in the constitution and we are now disbursing over 32 percent of the budget to the county governments, he said.

To address the legal challenges facing the counties and the relationship between the county and national governments, Kiunjuri said that 51 county model laws have been developed to improve the quality of legislation.

The ministry has developed laws which include a legal notice for the assumption of office of governors, I am also proud of the senate as they have started discussions on the appointment of a deputy governor to address the stalemate being witnessed in Nairobi and Nyeri counties, said Kiunjuri.

The Outgoing Water CS who is taking over the ministry of Devolution and Special Programmes, Eugene Wamalwa said that they have worked with Kiunjuri in the inter-ministerial fight against drought and he is pleased they will be working together even as they move to different dockets.

I am pleased to have been assigned to the renowned County and Regional Coordinator, Nelson Marwa and the former Tana River governor, Hussein Dado both of whom have experience working with the counties, explained Wamalwa.

The Treasury CS Henry Rotich while receiving the docket of planning which has been curved off from the immediate former ministry of devolution and planning said that said that he hopes the marriage between treasury and planning will be a lasting on since they have been having the department on an on and off basis.

We have been married before as finance and planning, it was taken away from us to devolution. We are in the same building and management and planning will be easy, explained Rotich.

Source: Kenya News Agency