Government hailed over enhanced NHIF services

The Government has been commended for the enhanced National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) Insurance services, which has contributed to the reduction of poverty at family levels.

The Chairman of Nakuru People’s Watch Forum (PWF), Jesse Karanja speaking on Monday, said the inclusion of Ambulance Rescue Services for all NHIF members was a great gift to wananchi since on a number of occasions they face serious challenges when they have patients in rural areas.

Karanja said cancer care package, out-patient services, dialysis cover and surgery payments has reduced the burden of fund raisings in the towns and rural areas.

As a church leader l can assure the government that NHIF insurance services has assisted a lot since every other Sunday there was always a request to off-set medical bills but that was no longer the case,” he added.

However, he urged NHIF to be on guard against hospitals who request for unnecessary tests in order to inflate the bills of members.

Karanja also advised members to protect the Fund since the money used was theirs, and any form of misuse was an abuse of their own sweat.

He added that re-election of Jubilee government was a guaranteed assurance of continued medical cover from the government.

Source: Kenya News Agency