Government Disburses Over Sh.125 Billion In Cash Transfer Programme

The government has disbursed over Sh.125 billion cash transfer fund to beneficiaries of the Inua Jamii Cash Transfer Programme.

The 1,233,129 beneficiaries from the three categories of Cash Transfer for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Older Persons Cash Transfer and Cash Transfer for Persons with Severe Disabilities received a total of Sh.125, 685,183,612.

In a press statement, the Principal Secretary, State Department for Social Services, Nelson Marwa said the 833,129 beneficiaries of Older Persons Cash Transfer received Sh.55, 928,077,901, the 353,000 beneficiaries of Cash Transfer for Orphans and Vulnerable Children received Sh.62, 629,105,711 while 47, 000 beneficiaries of Cash Transfer for Persons with Severe Disabilities got Sh.7, 128,000,000 respectively.

Marwa said the objective of the programme is to provide a social protection safety net through regular and predictable cash transfers to poor and vulnerable households taking care of people in the three categories to enable them exploit their human potential and live a life of dignity.

The PS said the ministry embarked on a massive Inua Jamii clinics validation exercise Tuesday 20th August, in all the 47 counties to address cases pertaining to the programme.

The validation exercise addressed the 10,917 exceptions from the March-June 2019 payroll, identified ineligible beneficiaries and deceased beneficiaries for exit from the payroll, said Marwa.

He said to date, 1,096,963 beneficiaries have successfully opened bank accounts and 1,070,176 beneficiaries were put in the March-June 2019 payroll.

The PS further stated the beneficiaries of the scheme receive payment through their individual accounts, adding that the intention of the government is to ensure that all the beneficiaries enrolled into the programme are brought on board.

Source: Kenya News Agency