Government bans travelling along Garsen-Lamu road without escort

The government has banned motorists from plying the Garsen-Witu-Lamu road without security escort.

This follows a spate of suspected terrorist attacks on motorists at Nyongoro and Lango la Simba areas in the recent past, including one attack on Monday in which a lorry ran over an improvised Explosive Device and exploded.

Tana River County Commissioner Oningoi ole Sosio said all vehicles must wait at Minjila to be escorted in convoys towards Lamu to avoid being attacked by terrorist gangs.

Similar Convoys will be escorted from Mokowe in Lamu County to Minjila.

Addressing the press in his Hola office on Monday, Mr. Sosio said motorists who would flout the order would be dealt with severely.

He said security officers had been deployed to the area to search the attackers and urged residents to remain calm.

Earlier, the government temporarily banned travelling along the road after a lorry was blown up to allow the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) to clear the road of improvised explosive device (IED).

That was a temporary measure after the lorry was hit by an IED but now, all vehicles will have to be escorted by security agents, Mr. Sosio said.

Reports indicated that a lorry was exploded by the device while a Kipini-bound bus was hijacked and commandeered into a forest in the same area.

Last week, three people, including two senior county government officials, were killed and burnt beyond recognition in the same area by terrorists who also attacked a bus and injured four people.

Source: Kenya News Agency