Government and World Bank to identify skills in informal sector

The government in conjunction with the World Bank is identifying informal sector skills and occupations among the Kenyan youths.

The Kenya youth employment and opportunities project aims at increasing employment and earning opportunities for targeted youths.

Speaking during the launch of the survey that will take 45 days in selected sampled areas in the five sub counties of Trans Nzoia, area County Commissioner (CC), Erastus Mbui said that informal sector is the way to go and encouraged youths to venture in the sector to reduce the unemployment gap.

He asked youths to venture in agri-business and other informal sectors and further diversify their business to beat the ever shrinking opportunities in the formal sector.

The government is committed in providing an enabling environment that will create opportunities for the youths to do business to earn a living, he said. We are also encouraging youths through different programmes to nature their talents and use them to earn a living, he added.

The survey aims at addressing the skills mismatch of the youths through training providers and private sector employers to offer training and work experience among the youths.

The government further wants to respond to the need for job creation with initiatives to help start new business for the youths.

Through the programme, the survey will also unlock productivity and job creation potential of existing micro enterprises among self -employed youths and also support innovations to improve job and earnings.

The government will also provide support by strengthening youth policy development, monitor and evaluate projects.

The CC said that informal sector employs over Sh.14million Kenyans contributing to 83.4 percent of total employment.

Source: Kenya News Agency