Google Africa launches App for small phone users

Internet users with small phones of one Giga Byte (GB) Random Access Memory (RAM) and below can browse the internet faster using the newly launched Google-Go application (App).

Speaking during the launch at a Nairobi hotel Friday , Google Kenya Country Manager, Charles Murito, said that 73 percent of phones that were being shipped across Sub-Saharan Africa were still 1GB RAM and below and were, therefore, slow, clunky and did not deliver the best experience they would want their users to have when they were searching the internet.

Murito said that universally accessible information is the key that drives them in making sure users have access to information that it is useful to them on a day to day basis and that is why they are persistently working hard to give users a more useful experience by understanding the consumer needs and habits and looking at developing a much richer experience for them.

We are also working towards having a product which has the ability to drive voice search when typing is not convenient and this is something that we are constantly innovating on, he explained.

However, Murito said that there were still challenges that face Africans and they were still working hard to address them.

The phones which come to Africa have low storage and what people are doing constantly is deleting different files just to enable them have enough storage to enable them have enough storage for new material. What we have done is to develop the Google files go App which helps our users manage their files and delete the ones that they do not need, he explained.

Google product marketing manager for Sub-Saharan Africa Christina Lin said that the product was today launched in 26 other African countries in different languages.

She said that the App uses less data since it is light to download as it is only 5MB and works well with phones of 1BG RAM and less.

Date sometimes is unstable or expensive and we are constantly working together by reviewing the technology that we have to help more people access the information they are searching using less data, she said.

She explained that the App. will save users up to 40 percent on date usage and it is available for downloading on the Google App store.

Source: Kenya News Agency